Guide to Nutrition and Protein

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Trying to control your nutritional intake can be difficult, particularly if you have a busy lifestyle.

It is likely to stay this way until you are aware how different foods will affect your body. Most gym goers are often attracted to protein shakes. But is this really the best way to get the extra nutrients to balance out the extra training?

In my opinion, they are the perfect way to add some extra 'goodness' to your diet. The struggle can be when people drink nothing but shakes, thinking that they contain everything the body needs. The best piece of advice is; don't have supplements and fill in the gaps with real food. In fact, the opposite is true. Most shakes, when mixed with water, are around the 100 calorie mark. This is nowhere near enough to be reliant on and be your main nutritional income. Especially if you are trying to bulk up and gain more muscle mass. Your calorific intake needs to be increased to a safe level, something that can't or at least shouldn't, be remedied with an extra shake.

To be fair, many avid gym goers should know this, and be aware that diet is more important than supplements. This is mainly for people just starting to get fit or planning too. When you see a ripped guy/girl at the gym downing a shake, it is in no way a position that has got him where he is. It's about hard work, dedication and commitment. The shakes just help give the body a little extra lift.

Many personal trainers will also have the knowledge to help and offer advice with nutrition. It will pay to take in this knowledge. Chances are, that it won't be perfect for you. But it is all about tweaking the correct information and making something that works for you which fits into your lifestyle. Whether you are going hardcore at the gym or just using some home fitness equipment, your body always needs enough fuel to function. Especially if you are looking for maximum fat burning, then you have to give the body something to continuously burn, otherwise it will hold on to the fat reserves that it has.

As long as nutrition is treated with the respect that it deserves, then it can be a powerful ally when training. It has the ability to physically affect your body quicker than you would imagine. So when you decide what you are training for then you can make your diet work for you. Have a look at what other people are doing and what resources they are using, which can help you to educate yourself. But don't be afraid to ask for help, your body with thank you for it!